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Quiet the Noise

Eliminating the noise surrounding your financial world is an important step that allows you to focus on what you value the most.


Live in Alignment

We believe that if your values, goals, and actions are aligned, you will live a more fulfilling life.


Expand Your Options

Through our planning process, we can help you avoid critical mistakes and take advantage of opportunities for growth, giving you the freedom to choose your ideal path.

The end result? 

Expanding your wealth in the way YOU define it so you can work toward the life of significance you want.


Our Firm

Our team of thought leaders brings more than 50 years of industry experience and a commitment to customer service. Our focus is on trust. We’ll work closely with you to help you pursue your financial goals. With us taking the more meticulous and challenging tasks off your plate, you are free to focus your valuable time on the things that matter most to you. ​

Business Owner Planning

 Owning a business is complex. Building a predictable future for your business takes hard work and an intimate understanding of the business market. The Konvergent Business Accelerator process will help you set up a clear plan of action to identify key opportunities and potential risks long before they come to pass. Taking strides today means a successful exit and peaceful retirement down the road. Start optimizing today.

Individual Planning

Wealth Management starts with a foundation of methods that address all aspects of your financial condition. From cash flow strategies to our Retirement Income Optimizer, we’ll help you put your financial life into perspective so you can set more effective goals and address any red flags. For high net worth individuals with complex financial issues to consider, the Konvergent Virtual Family Office specializes in comprehensive planning to fit your unique needs.


By the Numbers

We are grateful to all the individuals and business owners we’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years. Numbers don’t lie, and ours are growing every day.

Years of Experience

Business Owners Served

Buying & Selling Transactions

Free checklist reveals what your business needs to focus on right now to get it firing on all cylinders


Konvergent Virtual
Family Office

If you are a High Net Worth individual or family, you often face extremely complex financial considerations. The Konvergent Virtual Family Office takes wealth management to the next level with comprehensive planning, specialized solutions, and a higher level of attention. Having a cohesive team of professionals in your corner helping you make better decisions, identify mistakes, and discover overlooked opportunities.

The Konvergent Business Accelerator

Whether your goal is recovering from the COVID crisis, making your business easier to run, or planning your exit, you need growth to make it happen. The Konvergent Business Accelerator is a step-by-step process to analyze and fix any profit drains in your business and get you on the path to predictable profits, sustainable growth, and defendable equity value — ensuring you get the most out of your business now, and the outcome you desire when it’s time to pass the torch.

Konvergent Wealth Management

Your business, your wealth, and your goals are unique — and they all need individualized attention to get you where you want to go. Effective Wealth Management requires a comprehensive approach that goes well beyond traditional Investment Management.
Tax mitigation, cash flow strategies, and wealth protection are just part of our intricate Konvergent Wealth Formula.

Retirement Income Optimizer 

Retirement may be years away, but now is the time to plan. The Konvergent Retirement Income Optimizer process is designed to increase your wealth and minimize risk through time-tested Tax Efficient Income strategies. By setting up a solid plan for drawing income in those work-exit years, you can look forward to a peaceful retirement spent with the people you love and doing what you want to do.

Start advancing your wealth today

You will come away with an actionable plan for your business and personal planning that you can set in motion immediately. This process alone is worth more than $5,000 of time and resources, but Konvergent is offering this complimentary call to you at no cost.


Keep up with the latest wealth management advice from Konvergent Wealth Partners with our monthly livestream and podcast, Advance Your Wealth with Homer Smith.


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