The Konvergent Business Accelerator

• Make your business easier to run  • Avoid critical mistakes
• Increase equity value  • Identify uncharted opportunities

Whether you are recovering from the COVID crisis, looking to make your business easier to run, or preparing your exit strategy, there is one crucial component needed to make it happen – Growth.

The Konvergent Business Accelerator program is designed to help take you from growth to exit as seamlessly and profitably as possible. Even if your exit is a decade away or more, it is important to start planning now, for both optimal outcomes and the unexpected.

Does your business have the fuel to get to your next destination?
Start the Konvergent Discover Process to find out.

Discover Process

1. Take our GPI survey

Our Growth Planning Index survey helps you learn the key value drivers you should be focusing on right now, based on your current view of your business.

2. Schedule your first discover call

We will discuss where you want your business to be in the future, what’s holding you back, and how to get you there without having to reinvent the wheel in this complementary 60 min meeting.

3. KBA Business Analysis

In this 2-hour deep dive process, we provide additional depth of understanding of your business, and provide a benchmark of the operational performance of your business. Here we identify what gaps and opportunities are available while learning more about what drives value in your business.

Value Gap Review

Discover which factors are limiting the potential of your business and what you can begin to do
to improve it.

Key Value Driver Optimization

Learn the 18 value drivers that impact value, and which ones you need to focus on to reach your growth goals.

Manage Value Growth Process

Identify the top projects to complete to capture and create value. No guessing games – you focus on what will have the most impact.

Coordinate Professional Network

A cohesive team of professionals working together for you, your family, and your best interest.

Buyer Perspective

At Konvergent Wealth Partners, we help successful business owners like you look at your business from the eye of a buyer. In your eyes, your business may well be like your baby, but to those on the other side of the transaction, it could look a lot different.

The buyer perspective is one of the keys to identifying issues that are limiting the potential value of your company. We will help you organize and implement a plan that takes you from growth through exit while staying aligned with your goals.

You might already have very competent advisors. Yet, many times these kinds of advisors lack coordination and collaboration on their existing plan. When these plans are stress tested, we often find gaps and overlooked opportunities. Correcting these can make a very meaningful difference in your business, your wealth, and your ability to achieve your goals.

3 Elements of Business Optimization

In working with over 100 small to mid-sized companies, we have discovered 3 Elements of Business Optimization to help actualize growth. Over the last 10 years, we have streamlined these into a step-by-step process to evaluate your business objectively and move through the elements in a systematic way.

Think of your business as a car. Cash is the fuel to the business engine: without it, you can’t move the business forward to create the growth needed. The gears inside the engine drive growth and equity value, and all need to work in concert with each other to reach the business’s potential.

1. Predictable Profits and Cash Flow (Value Capture)
Analyze profit drains and discover the actions in your business that enable you to generate more revenue. In this stage, we focus on creating a plan of action to fill in the gaps and make your business easier to run. Sometimes a few small changes can make a huge difference in eliminating the biggest drains on your profits.
2. Sustainable Growth (Value Creation)

With the confidence that comes with predictable profits and cash flow, you are better able to deliver aspirational revenue and value. Here we develop a plan to increase Confidence in the Value Drivers that are critical to creating Sustainable Growth. Simply put, it’s the ability to grow without chaos.

3. Defendable Equity Value (Value Realization)
Predictable profits and cash flow give the foundation for sustainable growth, which then enables you to advance the Equity Value of your business, keep it strong, and fund your family wealth. By being able to demonstrate a process that you have implemented over multiple years to evaluate the business and show how the business has improved will make the value that has been captured and created more defendable.

Advance wealth, realize potential, and face uncertainty with confidence.

Exit Planning

Most companies are ill-prepared and/or are not well-positioned for an exit transaction. This tends to result in lower valuations, fewer bidders, and sometimes failed transactions.

As you approach a point where exiting is closer on the horizon, developing a well thought out exit and financial plan will be critical for you and your family’s future. This is where our 6 Step Exit Planning Process comes in.

    The 6-step Exit Planning Process

    As you progress towards the succession of your business, it is important to have a process to ensure your goals are realized.

    1. Establish Exit Goals

    Gain the clarity of knowing what you really want out of an exit before you start the transaction process.

    2. Analyze Financial and Mental Readiness

    This key step will identify the financial and mental dependence you have on the business.

    3. Discover the Type of Owner You Are

    Based on your financial and mental readiness, you can better understand how you need to approach the exit process and the type of owner you are.

    4. Learn Your Exit Options

    Based on what is right for you at the time of your exit will help determine the types of exit options that best match your values and goals.

    5. Know the Value of Your Exit

    Gain more certainty on whether you can achieve your goals beyond the exit.

    6. Execute The Plan

    Protect your wealth, your family, and your future.

    Post Exit
    Moving Above & Beyond

    Moving beyond the exit of your business does not mean that everything stops. In fact, your financial life could become even more complex. This means you need a higher level of attention, comprehensive planning, and more specialized solutions to meet your wealth goals.

    The Konvergent Virtual Family Office takes wealth management to the next level. We handle all angles of your wealth so you can focus on what matters most to you.

    Legacy Planning • Trust Company Services • Lifestyle Management • Philanthropy • Family Governance

    Getting Started

    On your first Discover Call, we arm you with relevant, thoughtful advice based on a clear and deep understanding of your goals. You will come away with an actionable plan for your business and personal planning that you can set in motion immediately.

    This process alone is worth more than $5,000 of time and resources, but Konvergent offers this complimentary call to you at no cost.

    Highly engaged and dedicated, we take the time to listen and understand your purpose. Most important, we will act as your catalyst for profound change, development, and execution.

    Quiet the Noise • Live in Alignment • Expand Your Options