Grow Your Business’ Value through Consulting

From Growth to Exit Planning

Through our personalized, consultative approach coupled with the limited number of clients we take on, this allows us to be all things to each client.

By growing your business’ value through our dynamic process, our goal is to make an impact that is measurable and memorable for you, your business and your family.


We help you identify the value of your business now, determine what it needs to be in the future, and what the key drivers are to increase value and/or optimize operations well in advance of a potential transition.

Growing and Optimizing the Business

By implementing key processes to address gaps and opportunities, we can help improve value by enhancing differentiators within your current business. We work with you to prioritize those value drivers that will have the most impact on improving the operation and increasing the value.

Refining your Thinking

We will work with you to adjust your original thinking, hone in on a desired transition plan and develop a comprehensive strategy for exiting the business. This is an important step, even if a transition may be 10+ years out in the future as we need to plan for both optimal outcomes and the unexpected.

Planning and Deal Execution for the Business

Your professional exit team will be established so together, we can focus on the personal and professional details to ensure this process will not disrupt your key customers, employees, and family. We will work with you to coordinate the team that will identify the right buyers, negotiate the price, terms and conditions of the sale and ensure all requirements are organized from the signing of the deal to the deposit of the sale proceeds.

Pre-Transition Planning

We will work with you to review the implications of the sale of the business on you and your family and identify the tax and estate planning strategies that will minimize taxes on the sale.

Implement the Pre and Post Transition Plan

In this last phase, we will implement an optimal asset allocation strategy to address your desired cash flow needs. From bookkeeping and travel management to concierge health and ongoing family support, our team will be there to help support your ongoing wealth goals for you and your family.

The Key to Optimizing Your Business

Discover how you can optimize your business and personal plan to be prepared for whatever comes next.

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