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Meet with your Integrated Relationship Manager and Financial Advisor to identify the top 5-10 Business Owners that would benefit from going through the Discover Process to determine where on the Growth to Exit spectrum they are.


Growth Planning Discover Report

This Report will include:
Review of their current views on the importance of investing in growth vs realizing equity value.
An assessment on the value of their business and the key value drivers impacting that value.


Assessment of Operational Effectiveness Report

The average Value Gap that we uncover in our Growth Planning Discover Report has been $2.7 million(1).  Our Assessment of Operational Effectiveness provides the keys to unlock that potential value.  This is a Deep Dive assessment that will provide the strategies and tactics as well as how to prioritize them based on their particular business. (1) (c)2020 CoreValue Research LLC

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Our Growth Planning Discover Report will provide your business owner clients with key insights on their business and how they are thinking about growth and equity
planning right now.


Our Assessment of Operational Effectiveness Report is a deep dive analysis that details the specific actions and projects that could potentially reduce the gaps and increase
the value in their company.

Attendee Copy of Presentation

Attendee Version of the 11/10/2020 Integrated Business Alliance Workshop Presentation

The end result? 

Expanding your clients wealth in the way they define it so
they can work toward the life of significance they want.

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