Konvergent Investment Philosophy

You have worked hard for your wealth. Now it’s time for your money to work for you – as often and efficiently as possible. Therefore, the core of our investment philosophy is crafted around the ability to compound returns… and ultimately enhance your wealth.

Why do people consider investing with an investment firm? Most often, they believe the firm has some unique insight that lets them see into the market future. In navigating today’s complicated markets, you want investment managers who can identify markets that go up and avoid the ones that go down.

However, despite what investment firms say, there is no crystal ball to see around corners. The future will continue to be, as it has always been, impossible to predict. Fortunately, successful investing doesn’t require clairvoyance.

Aligning With Your Goals

Before the investing process can begin, we believe the most important step is getting to know YOU. What are your goals, hopes, and dreams? What is the purpose of the investments we’ll oversee? What are your biggest challenges and fears? We believe that finding out the Why is just as important as How to invest your funds.

Your primary goal may be to preserve your money above the inflation rate or to grow your money in the equity markets. It may be to simply enjoy the fruits of your saving habits down the line. By gaining a thorough understanding of where you’re coming from, we can create a personalized strategy that aligns with your goals.

Risk Assessment & Willingness

Once we know your goals, we can properly assess your ability to take on risks. Risk Assessment starts by identifying potential future events that may have a poor impact on your financial goals. Then we combine this knowledge with your Risk Willingness – how much loss are you willing to bear before you abandon your strategy? Your risk willingness may change over time, depending on the markets and your life situation. This is why it is important to have a trusted advisor in your corner to help you through the ups and downs.

Rather than manage your money based on your chronological age, we manage money based on how long your money has to work on your behalf before you need it.

This guidance seeks to help you answer the following questions: Do you have enough money? Is it in the right places? Which assets do you use first?

Konvergent Strategies & Tactics

The Konvergent strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve holistic financial sustainability and growth. You must have a defined strategy to invest confidently even though the future is unclear. It is what guides the entire endeavor, and becomes the road map to meeting your goals. In the world of investing, strategy is most often linked with asset allocation. For example, how much you invest in stocks, bonds, commodities, and real estate.

This is where knowing the Why of your goals becomes paramount to building an effective strategy. Where every decision is based on the long term outcome of protecting your wealth and your legacy.

While strategies represent the long-term, tactics are the carefully planned actions for the short term. These are how your strategy gets implemented. Tactics allow room for frequent adjustments to enhance your overall strategy. Unlike strategies, tactics are flexible and fit the situation. This allows you to dictate when you might deviate from it in the short term.

Investing with Konvergent is a systematic process that starts with identifying your goals, assessing your risk willingness, and choosing an appropriate strategy. Only when these essential steps are complete is it proper to start considering the tactics that will be used to manage your portfolio.

Our goal at Konvergent Wealth Partners is to create a safe atmosphere of quality decision-making that works for you – even in turbulent times.