Our Approach

Taking Wealth Management to the Next Level

The value of Konvergent Wealth Partners lies in our ability to provide a 360° approach to financial optimization that goes well beyond traditional investment management and financial advice. We handle all angles of your wealth so you can focus on what matters most to you.

Wealth Management Pyramid

This Wealth Management Pyramid illustrates what each major type of financial professional offers. Each level has its own range and depth of financial solutions, with some more limiting than others.

Investment Advisors are professionals who manage money. They do it well, but that’s all they do. Goals and time are restricted, which in turn limits results. If all you need is someone to manage your funds well, you can stop at this level. However, as a successful individual, don’t you want more?

Bottom line: Limited help, limited results, limited confidence.

Financial Advisors do provide limited wealth planning services but are also primarily focused on delivering money management services and products. If your financial situation is not complicated, having an expert financial advisor may be all you may require to get good results.

Bottom line: Restricted time, restricted focus, restricted results.

Konvergent Wealth Management takes those basic wealth services and brings them to a higher level with personalized Advanced Planning. We coordinate all aspects of your financial life to enable all your financial advisors to work cohesively. This way, your team of professionals can address complex situations that require multiple specialties and coordination. With all these experts working in your best interest, decision-making gets much easier and you get to focus on what matters most to you.

Bottom line: Extensive goals, quiet confidence, far-reaching results.

Konvergent Virtual Family Office combines exceptional wealth management with robust attentiveness to administrative and lifestyle matters. Your financial situation is unique and requires a specialized approach to effectively optimize. We look at your values, goals, and relationships to discover what matters most to you, and help you identify the steps to get you where you want to be.

Bottom line: Comprehensive results, maximized goals, unmatched confidence.

The Konvergent Virtual Family Office Framework

There are three primary components to the Konvergent Virtual Family Office. All of these work together to create a holistic interconnected framework.


    You work with professionals who take the time to understand where you’re coming from on a deeper level. This creates highly personalized strategies and helps you make more informed decisions.


      You work with a team of coordinated professionals with advanced capabilities and access to top of the line specialists. This enables us to deliver even the most specialized solutions to meet your unique goals.


      This kind of commitment allows us to clearly identify and address mistakes and find overlooked opportunities. Systematic processes are put in place to ensure you stay up to date in your approaches.

      Konvergent Wealth Management

      At Konvergent Wealth Partners, we take a comprehensive approach to wealth management. Our Advanced Planning process looks at every aspect of your financial condition from tax planning and investments to retirement and estate planning.

      Having this analysis of your financial condition helps put everything in perspective so you can set more effective goals. We can coordinate all aspects of your financial life to enable your various financial advisors to work as a team. With a team of professionals working in your best interest, decision-making gets much easier and you get to focus on what matters most to you.

      Tax Planning and Coordination • Investment Management • Retirement Income Optimizer • Wealth Enhancement • Wealth Transfer • Legacy & Estate Planning • Wealth Protection
      • Charitable Giving • Relationships Management

      Konvergent Strategies & Tactics

      The Konvergent strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve holistic financial sustainability and growth. You must have a defined strategy to invest confidently even though the future is unclear. It is what guides the entire endeavor, and becomes the road map to meeting your goals. In the world of investing, strategy is most often linked with asset allocation. For example, how much you invest in stocks, bonds, commodities, and real estate.

      This is where knowing the Why of your foals becomes paramount to building and effective strategy. Where every decision is based on the long term outcome of protecting your wealth and your legacy.

      While strategies represent the long-term, tactics are the carefully planned actions for the short term. There are how your strategy gets implemented. Tactics allow room for frequent adjustments to enhance your overall strategy. Unlike strategies, tactics are flexible and fit the situation. This allows you to dictate when you might deviate from it in the short term.

      Investing with Konvergent is a systematic process that starts with identifying your goals, assessing your risk willingness, and choosing an appropriate strategy. Only when these essential steps are complete is it proper to start considering the tactics that will be used to manage your portfolio.

      Konvergent All Weather Approach

      Most investors believe they are diversified if they hold a mix of US Equities, Foreign Equities, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Real Estate and Bonds. These assets are very dependent on a positive economic and credit market cycle. When times are good, they will all typically go up together. However, when times are bad, they also all go down together.

      At konvergent, we believe in an All Weather approach. One that combines a good offense with a good defense by adding asset classes to your portfolio that do well when your traditional assets do poorly.

      These include assets like Long Volatility, Commodity Trend, and Gold. By combining these assets classes together, you can still capitalize on the upside of a growth cycle in the economy while also being prepared for significant drawdowns. By properly structuring your portfolio, you can still achieve the return you need to achieve your goals while reducing the potential downside in your portfolio.

      If you are holding assets that cannot be sold or would have significant tax consequences, we can replicate this process by supplementing your current portfolio with the defensive asset classes. By adding a negatively correlated asset to your concentrated stock position, it can work to provide a similar level of protection as a fully diversified portfolio. These strategies benefit from increased volatility, whether that is at the portfolio level or individual stock level.

      Serving You

      We serve as your reassuring guide as you transition into new phases in life. This means providing expert advice and answering the common question, “What do other families do in this situation?”

      On your first Discover Call, we arm you with relevant, thoughtful advice based on a clear and deep understanding of your goals. You will come away with an actionable plan for your business and personal planning that you can set in motion immediately.

      This process alone is worth more than $5,000 of time and resources, but Konvergent offers this complimentary call to you at no cost.

      Highly engaged and dedicated, we take the time to listen and understand your purpose. Most important, we will act as your catalyst for profound change, development, and execution.

      Quiet the Noise • Live in Alignment • Expand Your Options