Chris Smith, the founder of PSBLTY CO, shares how his work revolves around helping entrepreneurs, brands, and teams discover their identity and purpose. Central to their approach is the concept of possibility versus limitation, a philosophy that has deeply resonated with Homer Smith and his team. Chris explains how this idea originated from his belief in the omnipresence of possibility and the self-imposed limitations we often create. Chris clarifies the transformative power of embracing possibility, both personally and professionally, leaving a lasting impact on those who engage with his work.

Drawing from personal struggles and observations within his own life and family, he articulated a powerful belief: that his purpose is to infuse others with the boundless potential he sees in the world. For Chris, possibility isn’t a mere concept; it’s an immutable truth, ever-present and patient, waiting for those who dare to perceive it. Through his company, PSBLTY CO, he seeks to illuminate this truth, spelling out its name in a unique way to signify possibility is always there if you’re willing to see it. Chris recognizes that while possibility is abundant, limitation is self-imposed—a construct born of our own thoughts and beliefs. His journey from a “recovering limitation seeker” to a champion of possibility speaks volumes about the transformative power of embracing this mindset. With unwavering conviction, Chris endeavors to guide others toward a life untethered by self-imposed constraints, urging them to step into the realm of possibility and unlock their true potential.

Chris’s reflection on his journey through personal development is profound, stemming from a decade of investment in transformation and leadership. Boiling down his learnings, he offers a simple yet profound truth: what we focus on, we create more of. It’s a concept that seems straightforward yet proves challenging in practice. He explores our inherent tendency as humans to fixate on what we lack, what we dislike, and what isn’t working, perpetuating a cycle of limitation. In contrast, he advocates redirecting our energy towards what we desire, what we appreciate, and what is already working, thereby fostering possibility. He introduces the notion of two internal voices: the voice of possibility, innate from birth, and the insidious voice of limitation that creeps in as we age, undermining our sense of worth and belonging. Chris’s challenge to reframe our thoughts and speech for just a week, focusing solely on what we want, underscores the transformative power of this mindset shift. It’s a call to action to step into possibility and liberate ourselves from the confines of self-imposed limitations.

Chris emphasizes the profound repercussions of succumbing to the belief that we are inadequate or unworthy. Not only does it breed dissatisfaction, but it also drives us to pursue external achievements in search of validation, only to find that the void within remains untouched. He stresses that true fulfillment isn’t found in external accomplishments but in recognizing our inherent worthiness and enoughness, a realization that lies within us all along. Drawing from personal experience, he illustrates how focusing on what we want rather than what we fear can yield remarkable results. By shifting our mindset from limitation to possibility, we not only unlock creative problem-solving but also pave the way for genuine transformation and growth. Chris’s insights serve as a powerful reminder that our thoughts shape our reality, and by consciously choosing to focus on what we desire, we can chart a path towards a more fulfilling and successful life.

Chris explores the notion of embracing possibility as an ongoing journey of growth and development. Drawing on the metaphor of climbing a mountain with no top, he paints a vivid picture of the endless pursuit of clarity and upliftment that accompanies each ascent. Chris’s admiration for Homer’s unwavering commitment to growth and learning underscored the transformative potential of fostering a culture of continuous improvement within organizations. He envisions the profound impact if the majority of individuals shared this relentless hunger for advancement. His advice on redirecting focus from limitations to possibilities and guiding others away from negative thinking patterns serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative power of mindset. As we navigate our own journeys, let us heed Chris’s insights and embrace the boundless potential that lies within each of us!

Final Thoughts

The core message Chris wants to convey to everyone, regardless of their age, is that you truly matter. You are inherently enough, worthy, and you belong. These qualities have been innate within you since birth, waiting to be reclaimed and embraced. Remember, possibility exists, while limitation is something we create. Make it your aim to spend your life predominantly thinking and speaking about what you desire. Each time you do so, you inch closer to embracing possibility. What’s truly remarkable is that as you immerse yourself in possibility, you become a beacon of hope and inspiration to others. Your journey towards what’s possible uplifts everyone around you. Conversely, dwelling in limitation benefits no one. So, yes, you matter, and you’re enough. Step boldly into possibility and focus on what you want from life!

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