The Four Phases of Business Planning

Most companies are ill prepared and/or are not well positioned for a transaction. This tends to result in lower valuations, less attractive structures, fewer bidders and sometimes failed transactions.

Following a structured process can have a substantial impact on a company’s value.


All businesses should begin with the end in mind. You may be a young company, but actions taken in the early stages can have a significant impact on the success of a transition down the road.


At some point, you’ll begin to realize that an exit is not that far away. Perhaps it’s 5 to 10 years away, but the implementation and attention to key value drivers at this stage is critical.


As you approach a point where exiting is closer on the horizon, developing a well thought out exit plan and financial plan will be critical for you and your family’s future.


The transition process can be stressful, emotional and complicated. Working with the right financial advisor who will help you assemble a team of professionals and help you manage the process is critical to the success of the transition.

The Key to Optimizing Your Business

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