Your Values

To help you advance your wealth and journey towards the life you want, there must first be alignment between your values, goals, and actions. If we only focused on your goals and action steps, we would be missing the most crucial component to what drives decision-making – your values.


This exercise will walk you through how to determine your Top 5 Values. The process provides key insights into your decision-making patterns and allows us to see what is most important to you.


By knowing your top values, we can then stress test your goals to ensure you are living in alignment with them. This doesn’t just make a difference in your decision-making – it will also lead to a more purposeful and fulfilling life!


If you are married, we suggest you and your spouse complete this assessment together so you can understand your Top 5 Family Values.


There is value in doing them individually, as well. This can provide important insight on how each of you approach decision-making. Understanding those differences is a valuable reference point as you work together towards the life of significance you want.


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